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Anthracite 175 braided cotton cord 5mm

Anthracite 175 braided cotton cord 5mm

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Anthracite 175 braided cotton cord 5mm

Braided cotton cord is a product for special tasks.

It is perfect for knitting, macramé, weaving and many other handicraft techniques.

Thanks to its braided structure, it will be perfect for both beginners and advanced users.

Its 5mm diameter allows you to create your dream project quickly.

Thanks to it, you can create many different interior design elements, such as carpets, baskets or macramé.

We recommend using an 8-10mm crochet hook or needles for knitting. Tight stitches can be achieved with a smaller tool and looser ones with a larger tool.

Find perfect Cotton Cord for your crochet, knitting and macramé projects. ... Grey Anthracite Braided Cotton Cord 5mm, 100m,
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