Collection: Multicolour cotton cord 5mm

Multicolor cord is an unprecedented combination of colours. They are selected in such a way that the final effect is extravagant, and at the same time coherent and harmonious. These cords will add a unique character to your crochet projects!

Cotton rope is easy to knot and splice. Widely used in handcrafts, ideally suited for making carpets, rugs, baskets, table pads. They can also be used as macrame string.

High quality cotton cord. Loved it for its softness, and ease of working with, and appreciated for its superior quality.
It is a versatile, eco-friendly, premium quality cord with a core, which is its additional reinforcement.

It is extremely thick and fleshy, and its weave is dense and compact which also ensures its durability and guarantees the perfect appearance of things made of them.
It has a non- see-through core!