Collection: Polypropylene cord

Polypropylene is a synthetic material and the cord made of it is very durable, lightweight, water resistant & floatable.

It is resistant to UV radiation, so its colour remains intense and durable.

These features make products made of this cord ideal for outdoor use.

This string does not get wet, so it is not afraid of rain! It can be used to create a carpet, rugs, walkway to a balcony, terrace, or patio.

Macrame or flower beds made of polypropylene cord can hang outside all year round without losing their charm!

It can be used to make all the DYI project that you can think of, like bags or table pads or water bottle holders. May be used for bracelets and anklets.

Many Uses Include: Dinghy Halyards, Overhauls, Camping, Boating, Leach Lines, Lanyards, Control Lines, Haberdashery, Arts & Crafts, Pulley, Draw Cord, DIY projects, the list is endless. It will retain its shape and has a safe working load.